Welcome to PC SIFU Store.

We are a Singapore based IT sales and consulting which specializes in providing businesses with Information Technology, Communication, and Computer Hardware solutions designed to help propel their businesses to the next level, in a cost effective, reliable and highly effective manner.

In the current world, it is valid for everyone to implement the right technological solutions and strategies for the work or business, so as to always be a step ahead of the competition.

At PC SIFU Store, we can help you do just that, and much more!

Our Products and Services

We offer the following core products to our clients:

In addition to our core products, we also offer additional services tailored to compliment and further support your business needs. These include:

By pairing our core products with the complimentary services, PC SIFU Store gives you the power to access all services which your business needs – under one roof. This means less time and money spent on hiring different companies to do different tasks.

What’s more? For each product or service, we provide you with enterprise level features and solutions that are not only affordable but also flexible, easy to use, and fully customized to your unique business needs.

Why you should work with PC SIFU Store

The products and solutions you choose for your business have an important, long-term effect, and in most cases, they determine whether you will stay ahead of your competition by fully exploiting the power that comes with such solutions, such as effective communication, collaboration, and quick decision making.

When you choose to work with PC SIFU Store, you will be making the right decision for yourself and your business.

With plenty years of experience in the technology industry, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with the most experienced, most customer responsive company that is ready and willing to help you succeed.

What’s more? We offer the highest levels of service quality, reliability and availability. Our team of highly trained professionals are always at hand to cater for your every need, as and when they arise.

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So, are you ready to take your work and business to the next level, and always be ahead of your competition?

We are confident that you are.

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